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ChiCo projektet

The Chiropractic low back pain Cohort (ChiCo) is a large cohort of patients seeking care for LBP from primary care chiropractors in Denmark. 
We invite researchers interested in asking relevant questions from the ChiCo data to collaborate with us on projects based on the cohort.

The Data Application Form and a bilingual variable list is available below. Before you apply please note:

•    There is a fee of 2,500 Euro for using the data.
•    Normally it is expected that external projects are conducted in collaboration with a member of the steering committee.
•    A number of subprojects have been outlined already. We advise you to start by filling in the section 1.1–1.6 of the application form for the committee to be able to assess your project.

If you have any questions, please contact research assistant Orla Lund Nielsen


ChiCo Data Application Form

ChiCo Variable List

The Danish Chiropractic Low Back Pain Cohort (ChiCo)


Samarbejde med Basel Academy for Quality and Research in Medicine

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