ECU councillors visited Denmark

On November 1st 2018, a group of councillors from ECU undertook a small tour of Denmark.

After an early meeting in Copenhagen, the councillors, together with representatives from the Danish Chiropractor’s Association, visited NIKKB, ECCRE and the University of Southern Denmark.

Here they were treated to a guided tour by Jan Hartvigsen from SDU and NIKKB and Henrik Hein Lauridsen from SDU, before being hosted by NIKKB’s Managing director, Henrik Wulff Christensen.

The ECU representatives listened to presentations by Jan Hartvigsen, Henrik Hein Lauridsen and Søren O’Neill from the Spine Centre of Southern Denmark on a variety of subjects, including the unique Danish research and educational environment and ECCRE, before returning to Copenhagen.

Over the following weekend, the full ECU General Council met in Copenhagen to discuss and ongoing revision and vision process for ECU as well as where to host the 2020 ECU Convention.