CARL II well underway despite hindrances

Despite COVID-19 limiting the opportunities to meet physically, CARL II is well underway. The fellows have worked with each other and become a tight knit group via digital tools. Last weekend, 26th - 28th of November, the European fellows met in Odense, Denmark, with the overseas fellows participating online where possible.

CARL (Chiropractic Academy for Research Leadership) is a global network of young researchers in chiropractic. CARL is funded by chiropractic organisations from Europe (including ECCRE), USA, Canada and Australia. 

The latest edition of the CARL Newsletter is out, so those of you, who are interested in reading more about CARL II can click on the link below or go to the CARL website to learn more:

CARL Newsletter: CARL Newsletter no. 9

CARL website:

Amy Miller, Luana Nyirö, Steen Harsted, James Young, Casper Glismann Nim, Greg Kawchuk (mentor), Cecilie Krage Øverås, Jan Hartvigsen (mentor) at gathering of European CARL II fellows in Odense